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While visiting the Land of the Dead UK, be sure to collect your “Remember Me” card. Take a moment to fill it in, commemorating a loved one or friend you’ve lost. Then, display it proudly on our dedicated “Remember Me” wall, joining a community of memories and shared grief. Your gesture will be a tribute to those who have passed and a source of support for others who visit.

Additionally, engage with our “Remember Me” characters who will be present at the event. Delve deeper into their tales and find their back stories below. It’s an experience not to be missed!

Bonita Azul

Once a famous actress, when she reached her thirties Bonnie became obsessed with looking younger and more beautiful. She sought the help of a voodoo witch doctor who gave her a potion supposedly from the fountain of youth, it turned out to be toxic and poisoned her. She can often be seen in the land of the dead clutching a mirror, weeping dramatically and lamenting her lost looks.

Carolina Bailarína

A determined but terrible tap dancer who could only shuffle ball change with her right foot. She met her untimely end performing in her first show, she continued to shuffle her way off of the end of the stage and plunged into the audience below. She can often be seen practising her skill in the land of the dead, although she still has not quite mastered it!


Valorié’s main passion was food and she and her family owned a restaurant serving traditional Mexican cuisine. Sadly, she did not know when to stop, and eventually, after one too many enchiladas she ate her way into the land of the dead. It is advisable not to pass too closely to her with your tacos.


Known as the reina de la repostería (Bakery Queen) was a kind and talented baker. One day, she helped a magical fairy, who granted her a wish. She wished that her treats would keep making people happy after she was gone. The fairy misunderstood this as a request to end her life and now whenever people enjoy her treats, her spirit sends them happiness in return.

Rosa la Florista

Rosa was a florist who enjoyed growing many weird and wonderful flowers and plants in her casa and garden. Her obsession with growing the most exotic varieties of plants led to her untimely end after she accidentally ingested the poisonous pollen from one of her own flowers. She now roams the land of the dead safe in the knowledge that she can touch all the flowers she likes (although she is sad that she cannot smell them without a nose)


Fell in love with a travelling musician. After arranging to meet him on Valentine’s Day to pledge her love, She learned that he had run off with his guitar to join the circus, and died of a broken heart. You may see him in the big tent, be sure to remind him of poor Valentina who still wanders the land of the dead searching for the sound of his music.


A famous opera singer who loved celebrating life with her loved ones through music. She loves anything pink so you will likely spot her wearing her signature pink dress. Rosita sang until her very last breath – literally, she held a note for far too long. But that hasn’t stopped her! You can still hear her echoing voice and her spirit wanders through the land of the dead. She loves meeting fans (especially those with dogs) and telling fabulous stories…about herself. She may mistake you for her staff or paparazzi.

Mama DiLlama

Loved animals and her favourite pastime was walking the fields with her alpaca Pedro. One particular morning she saw a feisty chihuahua, Pedro got scared and reared up knocking Mama over who went off bouncing down the mountain! Now in the land of the dead she has a new pet, it’s just her and her little skinny dog churro and they are so happy together.

Liliana la Sirena

Adored the water and dreamed of being a mermaid. She would go swimming at every opportunity to explore different underwater places with the fish and other aquatic life. One day curiosity got the better of her and she went for a swim in the forbidden lake. She became tangled up in underwater vines of the lily’s above the surface. She now roams the land of the dead keeping her feet firmly on the ground.

Maria Sangria

A larger than life character who lived life to the full. She enjoyed the odd tequila but it did make her quite clumsy and forgetful…Maria worked in a morgue for many years which she loved for the peace and quiet. One day whilst hungover she decided to take a little nap at work, however she accidentally locked herself in a coffin and never got out. You may find her propping up the bar in the land of the dead.

Señora Mendez

The landlady of the local Cantina, she welcomed new friends with a smile and her strong drinks but didn’t take any prisoners when it came to keeping order in her bar. She never left the saloon and some say she even slept there in a rocking chair. She was so protective that she refused to leave even when a fire burned it to the ground. You may see her in the land of the dead still keeping watch over those who enter her precious saloon…